Aptus Websites

Aptus Websites by Naked Lime


Completely customize your site for every user on any device with a fully responsive mobile site.

  • Customize content for device type based on user intent – all within a single URL.
  • Drag and drop functionality allows quick and easy site changes.
  • Mitsubishi-compliant designs are pre-approved and reflect the brand’s overall image.
  • Optimized sites for improved consumer experience and better conversion rates.
  • Guide car buyers on their purchasing journey with Mitsubishi’s integrated vehicle incentives and window stickers.
  • Use price alerts to stay in front of consumers – even after they leave your site.
  • Sites are proactively updated when Mitsubishi releases new promotions.
  • Ongoing reviews ensure websites are Mitsubishi-compliant.

Boost the power of your new website. Add our digital marketing services and let our experts drive real results.

Digital Advertising

Naked Lime Digital Advertising Services for dealers deliver more effective leads.

  • Let individual shoppers know you have exactly what they want with targeted search campaigns.
  • Remarketing strategies give you more than one chance to deliver your message.
  • See real results from certified specialists with inside and out knowledge of our industry and your dealership.
  • Use Social Advertising to connect, start conversations, and spread awareness of your dealership where your audience is most likely to share your messages.
  • Match your used car inventory to the right buyers all the way to make, model, year, price, and mileage levels with Dynamic Search Advertising.

Search Engine Optimizations

Increase dealership visibility with on-site and off-site search engine optimization.

  • Unique, keyword-targeted website content pushes your site to the top of organic search results.
  • Meta title, description, and keyword management and revisions accurately describe your site contents to readers and search engines.
  • Site navigation management, Schema.org microdata markup, and sitemap customization for faster, easier indexing.
  • Fully-managed dealership blog and posts on national automotive blogs keep your fresh content in front of customers and search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Good Marketing is personal. Turn Prospects into friends.

  • Stakes your claim on social networks by securing profiles for your dealership on the top 10 social sites.
  • Full management of your dealership's top 5 social sites, including regularly updated custom profile graphics.
  • Coordinated campaign assets to boost the power of your other marketing channels.
  • Creation of unique, dealer-specific content, appropriate to each network, to effectively engage your audience.
  • Appropriate responses to social media interactions, nurturing customer relationships and providing a positive first impression to first-time viewers.

Digital Reputation Management

Would you buy a car at your dealership after reading your online reviews?

  • Choose between a fully managed reputation management service and a reputation management tool to use in house.
  • Your dealership reputation alone may not sell cars, but it can absolutely UN-sell them. Make more positive first impressions by monitoring your reputation.
  • Our consultative approach to negative review response assists with resolving problems and saving customer relationships.
  • Don't just react to negativity after it happens - take steps to build a good reputation with positive review development.
  • Know what people are saying and where they say it with our 24/7 monitoring of the entire web, not just select review sites.
  • A comprehensive, proactive process generates genuine positive reviews from your happiest dealership customers.



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